No! Oduwa coin does not sell packages, nor does charge any membership or monthly fees. Everyone with full capacity is Free to join.

Yes! ... just contact us through our support email [email protected]

Income tax is the responsibility of each person. Oduwacoin does not exempt you from this responsibility.

Every investment in Cryptocurrencies is risky, however, with Oduwacoin our goal is to minimise risk in the crypto space and allow everyone to use cryptocurrency to solve an everyday problem in the most region that are still financially underserved.

Yes, you can do your shopping in our marketplace or anywhere else which accepts OWC. This list will be available in the future at

Oduwa coin does not receive or give money to any of the affiliates, so to convert or trade your OWC or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money(Dollar, Euro and Yen) or other digital currencies.; you need to open a sales order on an Exchange for liquidity.

Our rates are Zero transaction fees for everyone to send and receive Oduwa coin on our network. The block will show you the cost associated with every transaction but will wave the charges at the end of the settlement or confirmation using our PoS blockchain consensus algorithm..

You can withdraw your payments at any time you choose at any exchanges Oduwa coin is listed. Please check website and our social media channels for up to date coin listing information.

Yes! Our system has a high level of security to guarantee stability and safety to our users.

Oduwa coin is a mineable cryptocurrency created from Scrypt algorithm.

Cryptocurrency : is a standard currency which uses its Mainnet for the sole purpose of making or receiving payments on the blockchain. Most famous is bitcoin, but are the various alternative cryptocurrencies that launched after the massive success achieved by Bitcoin. They are refer to altcoin; the term means alternative coins - Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Oduwa coin and more, They are launched as enhanced substitutes of bitcoin with the claims to overcome some other pain points of bitcoin. TOKENs : are special kind of virtual currency that serve a transaction unit, asset or represent x number of customer loyalty points. Token resides mostly on a third party blockchains and users their templates like that of ethereum and waves, which support and allows a user to create his/her own tokens. Token rely upon a medium for creation and execution of decentralised apps and smart contracts. The token is used notably to facilitate transactions like ICOs and crowdfunding.

Oduwa Coin is an Intercontinental Decentralized Cryptocurrency, so there is no Centralised physical office designated, but its founding principals are from North America and Asia.