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What is Oduwa Coin


Blockchain - Self-Governance -Boundless Projects

These are symbols of the kingdom’s power and wealth through trade. ODUWA Is Alive again and Born To Live Forever On The Blockchain


ODUWA COIN is Completely Decentralized with No Central Authority, and price depends on Demand and Supply.

ODUWA Mainnet is Secure & Scalable

What is Mainnet ? Essentially, every blockchain project has a mainnet. So what is it? Simply put, a mainnet is a blockchain that actually carries out the functionality of transferring digital currency from senders to recipients.

Large community - Peer-to-peer transactions

ODUWA is growing to a large , most engaged and decentralized community in today's blockchain space and peer to peer trading, adding new users every day.

Buying OWC is simple

(1) Create Account (2) Add and send currency to and from your wallet (3) Store, send, and receive OWC . Oduwa coin can be easily purchased here after you register using all types of crypto currencies. Find the crypto payment that's right for you and get coins in minutes.

Oduwa Kingdom Rules! Trust Economy

Oduwa community, everyone can buy, sell, make payment, gift donation and engaged in mining with Oduwa coin blockchain wallet and built wealth as long as they respect Oduwa kingdom rules.


WHAT IS ODUWA COIN? Oduwa coin was launched in Jan 4th, 2018 at a set price of 10 cents per coin with the goal of empowering a based decentralised community on how to use cryptocurrency for everyday life, build wealth within the network and erased poverty in the highly concentrated region of Africa and other part of the world that is still financially underserved. A cryptocurrency that uses peer to peer technology to settle all transactions within the net on a consortium blockchain due to the asset protection the block provides for its users with No- Fees. Oduwa originated from the ancient Benin kingdom meaning "The Road Map to wealth " Your money should work for you and not against you." These are symbols of the kingdom’s power and wealth through trade. ODUWA Is Alive and Born to Live Forever again On the Blockchain. Oduwa community, everyone can buy, sell, make payment, gift donation and engaged in mining with Oduwa coin blockchain wallet and built wealth as long as they respect Oduwa kingdom rules: i. Don't liquidate your entire portfolio. A community designed to empower each other. ii. Buying more Oduwa will increase the price of the next OWC iii. ODUWA coins are only 21 Million worldwide; scarcity will create demand. IV. Use Oduwa coin wisely for legal activities. V. Early believers benefit the most. VI. No transactions Fees to receive and send Oduwa VII. Users security is our No1. Priority, offenders will be banned without warning VIII. Oduwa is digital cash, don't share your login details with anyone. IX. Enable the three layers of authentication in your wallet for maximum security. X. Give back to your community on your capital gain. ODUWA COIN is devoted to selfless and fearless democracy, fairness, trust-economy, equality, self-governance, no-hierarchy and love for all humanity. A community where every coin is like gold. Every trade, buy or sell on ODUWA network, has no transaction fee for all OWC Coin holders, for being early believers in ODUWA. For each OWC COIN added or removed from circulation, the price of the next COIN might increase or decrease automatically by a fractional amount of OWC (about .0000001 OWC). When users purchase OWC COIN the value is worth slightly more due to the algorithm calculated (Demand & Supply) on the network and Oduwa coin holders benefit from the price increase? ODUWA coins are only 21 Million worldwide and when they sell the value is slightly less. Selling OWC COIN is like saying that the trader has lost faith in ODUWA. ODUWA will manage the economy but cannot affect the price of the COIN. The price will rise, and the price will fall dependent on the community trust. Those who trust ODUWA and hold OWC the longest will benefit the most. We are committed to increasing accessibility and the growth of Oduwa.............. Join Oduwa community Now at







Vision and Prototype created an Independent blockchain that possess it's own native currency -Oduwacoin.



ODUWA Blockchain undergoing security and BETA TESTING


ODUWA Exchange phase 4 Completed

Exchange 4 phase. The test successfully is done. installation on domain begins!!!


Users registration and utility start

Users Adoption and Migration start : 1 Oduwa token = 1 Oduwa coin. Oduwa coin is designed to be private, secure and reliable cryptocurrency. Official ticker is "OWC".


Oduwa Coin Mainnet Released

Oduwa Blockchain is complete with full functionality for users adoption


Revolutionizing the local payment system

Oduwa blockchain and the Alliance have developed cryptocurrency exchange to support local currency trading for the region of Africa. The purpose is to eliminate currency manipulation when converting local fiat to digital currency.


Desktop wallet

Development of Oduwa Desktop wallet and the integration of our public API, which would allow merchants to interact with Oduwa blockchain ecosystem.


QT Wallet with Windows and Linux

Oduwa coin integration of Windows and Linux QT wallet completed