Oduwacoin is a digital payment ecosystem. A virtual currency that uses peer to peer technology to settle all of its transactions within the network. Oduwacoin is a free open source project derived from collaborative blockchain frameworks to provide a long-term Energy-Efficient SCRYPT-Based Cryptocurrency. Built on the foundation of Hybrid Blockchain POW/POS, innovations such as proof-of-stake help further advance the field of crypto-currency and boost the concept of nearly No- Cost transaction fees for all OWC users to send and receive Oduwacoin. Oduwacoin is an alternative to bitcoin designed to tackle some serious problems facing bitcoin like, high fees, slow confirmation and expensive mining. We are committed to making Cryptocurrency accessible to everyone worldwide, especially regions that are densely financially underserved. The Future Of Settlement Is Here! ODUWACOIN.

Oduwacoin does not sell packages, nor does charge any membership or monthly fees. Everyone is free to join and own a piece of Oduwacoin at the prevailing free-market price. Every holder must set up a wallet to store ODUWA asset. Our official custodial wallet is available on desktop at www.oduwa.org, and mobile version Oduwapay can be downloaded at AppStore and Playstore. User can also store Oduwa digital currency on Paper wallet with private keys, QT wallet with encryptions keys or at exchanges custodial wallet that trades Oduwacoin. Here is the official site to buy Oduwa and install various types of wallet to suit your needs: https://www.oduwacoin.io and https://www.oduwacoin.io/buy-oduwacoin

Yes! ... just contact us through our support email support@oduwa.io or talk with chat support on the buttom page of Oduwacoin.io and leave a message.

Income tax is the responsibility of each person. Oduwacoin does not exempt you from this responsibility.

Oduwa Coin is a digital currency. Every type of money has a risk due to inflation and counterfeit, especially a cryptocurrency that deals with volatility daily. Inflation is no.1 problem that weakens the value of money, hence there are only 21million Oduwa coins that will ever exist on the most trusted technology available called blockchain.

Oduwacoin is a digital currency, stored as an asset and a medium of exchange for purchasing goods and services. Shoppers can now visit the first marketplace that accept Oduwa Coin at www.oduwamarketplace.com. More stores and businesses are popping out daily utilizing Oduwacoin as a payment for goods and services worldwide. Visit coinlocateplus.com for a list of merchants accepting Oduwacoin.

Oduwacoin does not receive or give money to any of the affiliates, so to convert or trade your OWC or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money(Dollar, Euro and Yen) or other digital currencies.; you need to open a sales order on an Exchange for liquidity.Currently trading at Crex24.com, stex.com,vindex,exrates.me,P2PB2B.com and more

Energy Efficient innovations such as proof-of stake help further advance the field of crypto-currency and boost the concept of nearly No- Cost transaction fees for all OWC users to send and receive Oduwa Coin.

You can withdraw your payments at any time you choose at any exchange Oduwacoin is listed. Please check www.oduwacoin.io website and our social media channels for up to date coin listing information.

Yes! Our system has a high level of security to guarantee stability and safety to all our users.

Oduwa coin is a mineable cryptocurrency created from the Scrypt algorithm using the Proof of Stake concept. Every New Oduwacoin is minted using a mining technique called "Proof of Stake" where your pcs or computer is attached to the network as nodes. Very cheap to participate in mining and earn Oduwacoin daily. A computer and Wi-Fi will do it. No expensive equipment is needed when compared to mining bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency: is a standard currency which uses its Main net for the sole purpose of making or receiving payments on the blockchain. Most famous is bitcoin but there are various alternative cryptocurrencies that have been launched after the massive success achieved by Bitcoin. They are referred to as altcoins; the term means alternative coins - Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Oduwacoin and more, They have been launched as enhanced substitutes of bitcoin with the claims to overcome some other weak points of bitcoin. TOKENs: are special kind of virtual currency that serve a transaction unit, asset or represent x number of customer loyalty points. Token reside mostly on a third party blockchains and use templates like that of ethereum and waves, which support and allows a user to create his/her own tokens. Token rely upon a medium for creation and execution of decentralized apps and smart contracts. The token is used notably to facilitate transactions like ICOs and crowdfunding.

Oduwacoin is a global Decentralized Cryptocurrency, so there is no Centralized physical office designated, but its founding principles are located in North America, Africa and Asia